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If you missed equipment handout this week we will have 2 make up days
June 22nd 6:30-7:00pm
July 8th 

Please remember to bring a deposit check for $250.00 post dated November 1, 2015.

These will be the only 2 days to get your equipment, if you can not make it, you will 
have to wait till August 1st.

Thanks,Fallston Football Board
WHITE MARSH Recreation Council 
presents 2015 Football Camp
Details below...

Dear Fallston Football Families;

Equipment handout will be at the back of the press box (located at Fallston Rec. Blue building to the left of the turf)
Please be sure that the player is with you.

All New Players ( if you did not play for Fallston in 2014) you will need to bring a document so that we may verify the players Date Of Birth ; you may either bring the players Birth Certificate or another document that has the players date of birth on it. If the player comes to pick up equipment and does not have the document, the player will not be able to receive their equipment. This is as per UCYFL By-laws, every players DOB has to be verified by the Board.

We will need a Deposit check in the amount of  $250.00 for every player, this check will be returned  when we receive all equipment back at the end of the season 

The following are equipment hand out dates, Please come on the day that is specified below for your child;
June 15th
- Ages 6U, 8U and 9U 6:30pm-8:00pm

June 16th
- Ages 10U, 11U and

Families with players in multiple age groups 6:30- 8:00pm
June 17th
 - 12U and 14U 6:30pm-8:00pm

If you come on the day that is not for your age group you will be turned away.
If you cannot attend your day please email 

We will be handing out the following Equipment;
Helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, mouth guard, practice pants and raffle tickets.
We will be selling girdles and new Fallston Football Apparel; we accept Credit Cards, Cash and Checks.
Any questions please contact me.

Jodi Juliano


Please read the below information as there has been some changes, it is important that you read below before starting your registration:
-Registration for all players is 200.00 for 8U thru 14U age groups
*If a players jersey from last year still fits and you wish to use it, please choose yes to that question during the registration and -50.00
will be discounted during checkout. If it does not 200.00 will include new jersey.
-Registration for 6U players only are 100.00
*All 6U will get new jerseys.
*6U will choose jersey number at first weigh-in

Payment Plans:

-Payment plan is in effect BUT the Balance on ALL orders MUST BE PAID before You can pick up your equipment (your roster spot is not held without full payment, and any unpaid balances will not be refunded.)


-100.00 will be added to all registrants

Jersey Number:

-All returning players will be asked (Did you play at Fallston Football last year?) answering yes to this will ask the follow up questions:
*What was your child jersey size last year?
*Do you plan on using last year jersey (if still fits)?
*Please enter last year jersey number (this will be checked and if it does not match last years number you may lose that number?

-New and Returning players that do not enter last years number or wish a new number, you will have that choice at the first Weigh-in (first come first choice).

Remember if you are going to change your number YOU MUST order new jerseys.

 CJMosley/Marlon Brown 
Football Camp:

Click Camp logo for details.



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