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Order forms for pictures are at the concession stand.

-Below is the schedule for teams, please do not ask me to make any changes.
-Make sure you arrive on the turf near the scoreboard 5 minutes prior to your time.

Your teams may wear there game uniforms that night and can practice in them, this is the only time
they can be worn at a practice.

Please be sure to notify your team and make sure you tell them what color game pants and
what color jersey to wear, so everyone matches.

September 18th
5:30- 6U
5:45- 9U Orange
6:00- 9U Blue
6:15- 14U Orange
6:30- 12U Blue
6:45- 8U Orange

October 2nd
5:30- 10U
5:45- 14U Blue
6:00- 8U Blue
6:15 - 12U Orange
6:30- 11U Blue
6:45- 11U Orange

Jodi Juliano
Secretary Fallston Football



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